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  • Nick Monjo

NuBra: Better Quality Better Business

Over the past two decades, adhesive bras have become a standard part of the wardrobe of modern women, something every retailer of apparel should have in the store. Which brand to carry is crucial, however, since the quality of manufacture and type of adhesives used vary widely from company to company.

“When we invented the category in 2002, and launched the patented NuBra collection, we realized it would be essential to construct these new bras to the highest standards, so we took the unique decision to make them in America. Likewise we chose to use the best bio-compatible adhesives,” explained the company’s Daren Peng. “We knew consumers would judge us on how they felt after they had removed our bras, as well as the comfort and effectiveness of our bras while they were on.”

“Suffice it to say that with over 35 million adhesive bras sold, and thousands of positive reviews, we have created a product line that provides support and coverage in a variety of situations where conventional bras just don’t work, as well as a line of products for safe and healthy long term use.”

“Unfortunately, however, as the industry has grown, and certain producers have sought to compete by offering lower prices, many foreign made knock-offs have sprung up,” Peng continued. “These are manufactured to lower standards and more frightening, use lower grades of adhesives. Sadly, this has led to a wide variety of dangerous and unpleasant outcomes for women during and after removal of competitor products.”

Multiple complaints of skin and nipple irritation caused by low quality adhesives have surfaced over the years. Many consumers have likewise objected to the excessive pain caused by the removal of certain bras. And there have even been repeated reports of skin damage or loss with some brands.

“This is a situation that retailers should be aware of and take seriously, because of the obvious impact it can have on customer satisfaction and repeat business. There is no such thing as a ‘generic adhesive bra.’ This is definitely a product category where quality matters. And the NuBra name really does mean more and better business.”


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