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  • Nick Monjo

NuBra: Focusing On The Basics

(Above, NuBra pasties in different colors). For this interview, BODY Publisher Nick Monjo discussed several of NuBra’s most fundamental products with the company’s Daren Peng.

MONJO: NuBra offers an extensive collection of intimate apparel solution products. For this article, could you focus on a few of the “basics” that may not receive as much attention, but still have a solid place in the collection?

PENG: Well, one example is our oldest design, the original Silicone Adhesive bra (style N108). Introduced over two decades ago, it still has a loyal following. While it is heavier than our newer styles, many women still prefer it because it feels and moves just like a real breast. A related bra, the silicone 3D Bra (style N308), shares several of the same properties as the original, but it fits better and has more curves, feels lighter and is not as pointy.

MONJO: Breast enhnancers are another category where NuBra has introduced a large number of options.

PENG: Breast enhancers are a basic, and we realized that in order to provide solutions for the widest range of women, we had to create a great selection. We now offer them in three styles and eight sizes. In addition to enhancer pads, such as demi and mini, there are push up enhancers for cup sizes A, B, and C, as well as size enhancers in Small, Large and Extra Large. All three styles of enhancers have the option to have adhesive on them. All but the push up enhancers are available in Clear or Pale Peach. NuBra also offers Beach Enhancers, specially designed waterproof enhancers meant to be worn under swimwear.

MONJO: Pasties are another basic where you provide solutions for a variety of fashion challenges.

PENG: We offer pasties in small, medium and large sizes. And we also offer them in three different colors: Pale Peach, Tan and Mocha. This wide selection allows them to fit the needs of the most women.

MONJO: You have pointed out that pasties are becoming more accepted by women, and that they are also being worn in new ways.

PENG: That’s right. Pasties have become an expected part of many more wardrobes and fashion situations. And the category has expanded for some women to become an alternative form of apparel around the home. Instead of women just using them to cover the nipples underneath transparent garments, many women now wear just pasties at home, in certain private settings. Pasties provide proper coverage without constraint. They are comfortable, reusable and cool.

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