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  • Nick Monjo

NuBra Introduces The Nu Cami

NuBra recently launched a new addition to its adhesive bra and solutions products collection, the Nu Cami. In this interview, BODY publisher Nick Monjo talks with the company’s Dennis Chen about the product, which combines an adhesive bra with a removable lace covering.

MONJO: When did you launch the Nu Cami?

CHEN: The Nu Cami was launched in October 2020.

MONJO: How is Nu Cami sold; what comes in the package?

CHEN: The Nu Cami is sold as a set. The set includes one self-adhesive felt bra with gold-colored clasp inside its clear case and one piece of detachable lace of the same color inside a plastic poly bag with instructions. The detachable lace has four hook-and-loop fasteners near each corner, which allows the lace to be fastened on to the front of the felt bra. Additional Nu Cami Lace in different colors can also be purchased separately.

MONJO: What is the price for the basic Nu Cami?

CHEN: Retail price for the Nu Cami Set is $45.00 per set and the wholesale price is $20.50 per set. The retail price for additional Nu Cami Lace is $9.50 per piece and the wholesale price is $4.50 per piece.

MONJO: What sizes and colors are available?

CHEN: The Nu Cami Set is currently available in Black and Bright White and in sizes A to E. The Nu Cami Lace is available in Black, Bright White, and Cream. The Nu Cami Lace is one size fits most.

MONJO: Are the cups and lace always the same color?

CHEN: The cups and lace are the same color for the Black and Bright White Nu Cami Sets. Additional Nu Cami Lace in a different color such as Black, Bright White, and Cream can also be purchased separately and can be alternated and fastened on to the Nu Cami Black and Bright White felt bras. For example, a Black Nu Cami Lace can be used on a Bright White Nu Cami bra if desired.

MONJO: Tell us more about fabrics used for the Nu Cami?

CHEN: The structure of the Nu Cami bra is that of a Feather-Lite bra (fabric cups with a seam around the edges) but the fabric for the Nu Cami is unique. The front side of the Nu Cami is felt, which allows the hook-and-loop fasteners on each corner of the Nu Cami Lace to fasten to the front of the Nu Cami bra. The Nu Cami Lace is made of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex for a more discreet and comfortable look.

MONJO: When will the Nu Cami be available for stores to order?

CHEN: The Nu Cami Sets and Lace are now available for stores to order. Contact your area sales representative to place an order or you can also email us at or dial us at 1(877)586-8272 for more information and request to see our full line.

MONJO: What else would you like to say about the Nu Cami?

CHEN: The Nu Cami Set was originally meant to replace the BN777 Bandeau style, but due to popular demand, we have decided to keep the BN777 Bandeau, and added the NC202 Nu Cami Set as a new style. The difference between the BN777 Bandeau and NC202 Nu Cami Set is that the Nu Cami’s lace is detachable, and the lace color can be alternated into different lace colors such as Black, Bright White, and Cream. The Nu Cami Set allows you to transform your daytime outfit to an evening look in seconds with the removable Nu Cami Lace.

When removing the Nu Cami Lace from the Nu Cami bra, it is important to carefully remove the Nu Cami Lace by pulling away from the hook-and-loop fasteners rather than from the Nu Cami Lace itself.

We hope customers enjoy wearing the Nu Cami Set as much as the women on our staff do!


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