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  • Nick Monjo

NuBra: Prepping Stores For Summer

Updated: Apr 26

In summer, NuBra adhesive bras in patterned prints and colors, including pink and orange, are popular.

With retailers preparing their stores for the upcoming summer season, NuBra’s Ashley Tapia provided BODY with some suggestions from the company’s product line.

BODY: What are the most popular products in the line for the Spring/Summer season?


TAPIA: Our Silicone selection is a hot buy during the Spring Fling/Prom/Graduation and Wedding season. Customers are highly interested in adding a little extra oomph to a dress they’re trying to fit out. The flesh tones we have available, along with the clear clasp allows for a nearly invisible application.

BODY: Are there any “unexpected” necessities that store owners should not forget to order?


TAPIA: NuWay and NuHalter Straps are a must have. Having the option to readjust and reposition and STILL be invisible, supported, and comfortable is an absolute must for any size breast. NuWay and NuHalter straps are also perfect for those looking for a little extra lift as they are adjustable and reusable. For those concerned about the comfort of larger breasts, the NuClips are recommended for some extra wiggle room. The accessories only further cater to NuBra’s comfort.

BODY: Are there any new products, accessories or new sizes or colors that have recently been added to the collection that store owners might not be aware of?


TAPIA: Our fun colors and patterned Fashion selection aren’t displayed on our social media feed as often though we definitely see a spike in sales during the sunny seasons as they are a fun addition to the NuBra collection during the warmer weather. NuBra’s Fashion selection is perfect pool side or the beach as it gives a solution to tan lines.

BODY: Do you have any other tips for store owners getting their stores ready for the Spring/Summer season?


TAPIA: It’s definitely recommended to have the full scope of accessories and care products to ensure longevity and upkeep the quality of NuBra.


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