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  • Nick Monjo

Pacsun, Anna Sitar In Swim Collab

Updated: Apr 26

Pacsun, the specialty retailer of youth oriented streetwear and activewear, has introduced a swimwear collaboration with Anna Sitar, a digital influencer who claims over 13 million followers.

Sitar “will be premiering the collection live on Pacsun’s TikTok, offering followers the opportunity to purchase directly from the platform,” according to the company. “This highlights Pacsun’s strategic use of the TikTok Shop feature to provide immediate access for its community.”

The ANNAXPACSUN collection is available at and in select Pacsun stores. Bikini sets are priced from $26.95 to $32.95, while one-pieces retail for $49.95.

Exclusively available at Pacsun, the collection utilizes “the hues of the Pacific Ocean and the setting skies,” and includes “details such as scrunchy one-shoulder designs, knot-front halters, and perfect underwires,” as well as “hearts and polka dots” in traditional floral prints. Pieces are named “after friends and influential figures in her life, including her mother and fellow creators and influencers like Tezza Barton, Ally Yost, and Jo Johnson.”

Sitar introduced her first personal merchandise line in 2022 and “collaborated with Pacsun on various content projects over the years, including capturing content for Pacsun during NFL’s major event in 2022 and hosting Pacsun’s onsite livestream in 2023.”



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