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Shapeez: Fabrics A Key Ingredient to Success

“One of the important factors in our success has been our special attention to fabrications,” began Shapeez CEO and co-owner David Berner.

“When we launched in 2005, we realized that the unique, patented design of our back and side smoothing bras required more fabric than traditional bras. So from the start we knew the fabric had to be special.”

Co-owner and inventor Staci Berner concurred. “Our all-way-stretch fabric, which we import from Italy, is moisture wicking and keeps you cool all day. Moreover the material does not wrinkle or buckle. It provides a comfortable foundation for all your clothing. It guarantees 360 degrees of perfection with no visible bra lines or bulges back, sides or front.”

“Rolls and muffin tops belong in a bakery, not on our bodies,” she emphasized.

David Berner noted that the fabric is similar to that “found in high-end activewear. It provides a medium compression that feels supportive without being too tight. And the best part is that it moves with you during the day from work to workouts.”

The company’s special attention to fabrication continued on to the Pajameez collection of sleep and lounge garments introduced in 2021. Again Shapeez went for something special. “All the pieces are made of a blend of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex jersey, and have a luxurious look and a soft, silky feel,” David Berner explained. “Bamboo offers excellent ventilation and heat regulation, while at the same time being hypo allergenic and crease resistant. And bamboo is a far more sustainable textile than cotton or satin, since it’s grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, does not require irrigation, produces more oxygen than trees, sequesters carbon dioxide and can be harvested in three to five years.”

“In the end, the wonderful fabrics we use in all our collections are certainly not the lowest cost options we could have chosen,” he concluded. “But they are an

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