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  • Nick Monjo

Shapeez: Go To Bras For Fuller Busted Women

“Retailers will tell you that fuller busted women, whatever their band size, can be a challenge to fit properly,” began David Berner, the CEO of Shapeez. “But introduce them to one of our Shapeez styles and you can win a customer for life.”

Today Shapeez offers many of its designs in a range of DDD versions, starting from Small DDD, through Medium DDD and Large DDD, all the way on up to 1X DDD. “We have many options for the fuller busted customer. And what they love about our bras is that they provide the complete support they crave, and do so in the most comfortable way.”

“That is because Shapeez bras are built in a completely different way than traditional bras. Instead of a narrow band at the back, secured under pressure by hooks, the patented Shapeez design provides a full, comfortable back with no hooks or band to bite into the flesh.”

Another key difference is the fuller, rounded cups that are unique to Shapeez. “When the brand launched, co-owner and inventor Staci Berner insisted that none of the off-the-shelf foam bra cups we were offered by various manufacturers worked properly with the unique Shapeez design. So we had our own molds made for every cup size. That means our foam cups provide the perfect fit for Shapeez bras and are unique to us. No one else can offer these cups.”

Staci Berner sums it up: “With Shapeez back-smoothing bras you get all the benefits of a full support shaping bra without any negatives like back bulges, falling straps, or tight, uncomfortable elastic bands or closures. It’s the perfect bra, hands down.”

Reviews from large busted Shapeez customers confirm that assessment. A recent convert, Becky, a 38 DDD from Texas, wrote, “LIFE CHANGING! I feel I have been freed. It is true to size and NO HOOKS and I am still so supported and the way it makes me look and feel in my clothes is just awesome! I feel like I have no bra on at all. I will never go back to a regular bra. She concluded, “YOUR COMPANY IS MY HERO and I will tell the world of big boobie women about you!”

Stacey M., who recently bought the Tankee Slip, concurred. “Ladies, I’m 60 and have worn 44 DDD for 15 years and feel so “cool” again after getting the right fit.” She admitted: “I stumbled upon Shapeez and will never look elsewhere,” concluding, “Shapeez has been wonderful.”

Customer Deborah B. confided, “I wear a DDD or E cup and the Shapeez Ultimate and Tankee long styles in medium are the only bras I have ever worn that shape and support with cups that actually fit my breasts. I started wearing Shapeez in 2016 and have never purchased another brand since. And at 71 years young, I have probably tried every support bra ever produced. My bust, my back and my tummy thank you, Shapeez!!”

Confirmed customer Karin H. shared that “After researching tons of products and looking at reviews, I chose The Ultimate to wear under my wedding dress. I am very busty (38G) and my dress had sheer paneling in the front and back so I wanted more coverage.” She liked the bra so much it became her regular. “So comfortable I wore it under a t-shirt the next day! And it looked so good under the dress that even the woman who did my dress alterations thought it was part of the dress! Very pleased and will definitely purchase from this company again!”

Allison G, who buys the Shapeez Silkee Short, wrote recently: “This bra is the best! I have a large back and large breasts. During weight loss I had a lot of spillage under my arm area, this bra keeps everything in place.” Mary L., who is a “small DD,” and wears the Shortee Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra, agreed. “Love this bra. Love the smooth back. Just bought my fourth and fifth Shortee bras. I’m spoiled now, can’t wear any other bra.” Susan S., who also recently tried the Shortee, revealed: “I have very large breasts, and as soon as I was dressed my husband noticed the difference immediately! He said he‘s never seen me look so lifted in 25 years of marriage.”

Jacki F., a long-time Shapeez customer, summed up what many fuller busted women have come to learn:

“As I have said in previous reviews, I really can no longer wear any other bras but Shapeez Silkees. I no longer complain about being a DD, because the “girls” are all tucked in and well supported.”

Next issue: A report on the unique Shapeez foam bra cups (exclusive to the company), and how they are made from scratch in Canada.

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