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  • Nick Monjo

‘The Morph Bra’ Is Now ‘The Only Bra’

In 2021 a new lingerie brand was launched by wife and husband Joanie and Maurice Reznik (who himself had once served as CEO of Maidenform). It has since changed its name and has found new followers among specialty stores.

BODY originally wrote about The Morphing Company and its “Morph Bra,” which focused on selling direct to consumers off its website. Now the bra is “The Only Bra,” and the website is We asked Maurice about the transition. “Spending most of my career in intimates as CEO of Maidenform, CEO of Warners, etc., I have been obsessed with a reinvention of the bra! When we began our journey, we know that out products were transformative, hence The Morph Bra, “Adapts to you.” However we found that consumers did not embrace the name. Fortunately we own the name, and though “a rose is still a rose,” the new branding has strongly resonated with the market.”

Asked about the new focus on specialty stores, Reznik explained, “The initial strategy was D to C, which is still an important component of our business. The independent specialty stores have become the driver of our success. We now have distribution through our network of sales reps in states covering over 70% of the U.S. population. The gravitational pull has many components. 1) We have totally redefined the bra, with luxe simplicity. We can superbly fit over 80% of the population with two to three sizes, depending on the style. 2) We have unlocked an incremental business to many of our retailers that don’t specialize in intimate apparel but have requests for our type of product. 3) We are a non-promotional brand, we ship orders at 100% within two hours of receipt.”

Emphasizing that “our mission statement defines our products,” Reznik continued, “Our goal is to provide timeless, everyday intimates, focused on easy luxe-comfort styles that adapt to your unique shape. To accomplish this, our products must be true to our mission. The key elements are: zero pain points, with high tech construction that is “consumer friendly;” proprietary fabrics; bonding that delivers unmatched vertical and horizontal elasticity and recovery; and timeless and ageless designs.”

Currently the company websites lists four products: the V-Neck Lift Bra (regular price $46); the Scoop Camisole Bra (regular price $46); The Only Leggings (regular price $62); and The Only Adjustable Bra ($46). Reznik revealed he is working with his supplier based “to expand our bra assortment and leggings, add panties and shapewear. These initiatives will be available in Q4 and Q1 or 2024.”

In a marketplace where many brands reveal contributions to a particular charity, the Rezniks support a unique cause: Shatterproof. Explained Maurice: “Shatterproof is the leading organization dedicated to eradicating the devastating effect of substance abuse in America. This disease struck our family and we are very, very fortunate that our oldest son celebrated 10 years of sobriety. We are active fundraisers. Additionally a donation is made on every sale from to Shatterproof.” — NM


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