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  • Nick Monjo

Turmoil, Departures Reported At ThirdLove

An image from the ThirdLove website.

The Wall Street Journal picked up on a recent, original article on Vox, which reported instances of “bullying by the male co-CEO that are at odds with ThirdLove’s progressive, for-women-by-women positioning,” as well as key staff departures.

David Spector and Heidi Zak, ThirdLove’s co-founders and co-CEO’s, responded to the Journal article stating: “We are not perfect, nor do we run a perfect business, but since founding ThirdLove, we have always strived to foster a working environment where both women and men alike feel appreciated and supported in their professional growth.” The WSJ article can be found here:

The original Vox article, which includes several employee interviews describing turmoil at ThirdLove, asserts that Spector’s behavior “precipitated the exodus of the two teams managing ThirdLove’s image: the brand team and the brand marketing team.” The Vox article can be found here:

Meanwhile, a current search on the ThirdLove website’s “Careers” pages (as well as on Indeed, the job search website) indicates there are now several key job openings at the company. These titles include: “Head of People;” “VP of Brand Marketing;” “Chief Marketing Officer;” “Manager of Product Design;” “Director of Financial Planning and Analysis;” “VP of Finance;” “Chief Financial Officer;” “Director of Integrated Marketing.”

Emails requesting a response from ThirdLove had not been received as we went to press. If one is supplied, it will be included in a revised version of this article. — NM

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