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  • Nick Monjo

VS: A “Reimagined” Fashion Show This Fall

Victoria’s Secret plans to bring back its fashion show, a “reimagined” version that will appear as a film that unites “fashion, film, art and culture” and will “culminate in a live fashion event.”

VS is calling it The Victoria’s Secret World Tour,” and said it is “reaffirming the brand’s ongoing commitment to champion women’s voices, perspectives and experiences. The reimagined show will center on emerging global trailblazers from a range of artistic disciplines, creating on their own terms.”

“The film will take audiences on a journey through the behind-the-scenes craft and intimate stories of the VS20 – a group of 20 innovative global creatives who will conceive four fashion curations from the vibrant cities of Bogota, Lagos, London and Tokyo. With the creative freedom to conceptualize, produce and stage a collection that is all their own, the dynamic artistic forces from the fashion, film, design, music and visual fields will converge to showcase their work alongside iconic custom Victoria’s Secret designs.”

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